Get inspired: How sports boost creativity

Do you know that the philosopher Henry Thoreau claimed that his thoughts began to flow in the moment his legs began to move? I found that mine do the same.

Active bodies think more deeply

Sport is the ultimate creativity booster. You know, active bodies think more deeply. If you are bound on your office chair day after day, all day long, your creativity goes to the drain. On the other hand, exercising trains the brain to find more creative solutions to whatever problems it faces. The university of Leiden conducted a study to prove that. They compared the results of two groups of people – the first group included people who exercised regularly, and people from the second group were not exercising at all. The researchers presented them two creativity tasks and compared the results of both groups. The first task was to describe all possible uses of an everyday object, such as a pen. The second task required them to find the link between three unconnected objects – e.g. hair/stretch/time. It was found that the group of people who were exercising regularly were 4 times faster in finding the missing link in the second task, and found more possible uses of objects in the first task. The results of the study definitely proved that activity boosts the creativity. Watch the full video – it is short, but really interesting. Also, the lady’s accent is rather cute.
Basketball and creativity

Do you know that more than 26 milions Americans play basketball each year. Considering the total number of people who play basketball, including their families and friends, it is no wonder why so many Americans watch the NBA tournaments.

Why not join that awesome crowd, but instead of simply watching, be one of the players? I only recently rediscovered the joy of playing basketball.

When I was a child, we used to play every day. We were playing in either our school or in one of my friend’s backyards. And we loved it. Little did I know at the time that the sport I loved would help me in my profession? I am a designer and have to be and stay creative. But often times I face creativity block. There are times when I simply was not able to think of anything new. It was about the same time that I rediscovered my passion to basketball. A friend of mine invited me over for a game, and I was hooked again. I realized that the only items I needed to play were a ball and good basketball shoes. I got these Nike Lebron basketball shoes from after reading the reviews on Fitaholic Gear and joined the party. They are plenty of outdoor courts where we can play for free. The best part was that my ideas started flowing again.
There is one thing to remember though. The boost in creativity does not last longer. You need to practice regularly to keep your creative juices flowing.

Need more ideas? Here is an awesome short film on what inspired creativity.

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