Evolution of shaving and the rise of trimmers

Removing that unwanted hair from face and body has started long ago as part of the human hygiene. The shaving and the traditions associated with it evolved a lot over the time. It served different purposes as well. From simply being able to feel better to an echo of the men’s social status. The shaving tools changed a lot from the original ones as well. The evolution from simple shaving stones to quality beard trimmers took few centuries. Let us show you how the design morphed through the years:

Stone age shaving

Or rather picking, as our early ancestors have to use tools like sea shells for tweezing their beards. The evidence for this practice are the early cave pictures. You may wonder why they had to do it as we usually imagine our early ancestors as hairy humans. However, during the ice age, their beards caused them much trouble. The wetted easily and once wet, the beard would hold the water until frozen. That is believed to cause many frostbites and shaving the beard was prevention of this trouble.

Later on, the actual shaving appeared. The men used sharpened both as an axe blade and as shaving razor.

Egyptian era shaving

The Greek historians usually depicted Egyptians as really clean people who bathed few times a day and maintained strict shaving schedule. The reason was obvious. Egypt is very near the equator and is really hot place to live. Living with a lot of facial hair was hardly bearable. Pumice stone was used to remove both facial and body hair. Imagine how important shaving was for those people, when the barber’s profession was as important as this of doctors and traders. Egyptians pioneered circular razor design.

Romans take it to the higher level

Alexander the Great troops shaved cleanly like no other. The underlying reason was not to give enemies anything to grab into. It became fashionable too. The circular designed morphed into flattened form and the bronze blades were replaced with copper and iron.

Middle ages take it to the extreme

Being hairless in those times was highly regarded, though it saw some decline. Some churches encouraged the practice to be able easily to spot their members among all the others.

Modern times

It was only after the late 18th century when the first metal sharp razors appeared. Up until this time everyone went to barbers.

But there was one person on this world, a French inventor who dared to dream about men shaving themselves each morning. And he invented the first safety razor by installing a wooden guard on the metal.

After that discovery, the tools of the shaving evolved fast. First it was razors with replaceable head. It took gilette whole 8 years and the professional assistance of a profession to make a breakthrough discovery – the first double edge razor.

After them the first electric shavers started to appear. They were met with limited success. Wet shaving was so darn popular that it was only until 1928 when their popularity started to soar. By 1937 the sales exploded to the ridiculous 1.5 million units sold and a new dry shave market was opened.

Waxing strips and laser hair removal started to appear around 40s. However, using electrical devices was becoming more and more popular until several different unit became part of every home. Devices range from nose and ear trimmers, epilators and beard trimmers, to electric shavers and good old safety razors. They also come in variety of forms, with different options and in corded and cordless forms.

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